Description and objectives

At the moment, the total surface of the protected natural areas (AA.NN.PP.) which are located in the territory of Lazio Region, is equal to about 226.305 hectares, more than 13% of total area of the region.
Moreover, taking into account the 200 regional sites of Natura 2000 network, the total area amounts to 441.634 hectares equal to 25,7 % of the whole regional territory.
However, this very extensive natural heritage is not widely known. 
Despite the AA.NN.PP. very often promote initiatives aimed to protect biodiversity and sustainable development, through the protection of species and ecosystems, restoration and enhancement of the natural environment and historical and cultural wealth; environmental children education; promotion of naturalistic tourism.
Nevertheless, even with the implementation and the development of many divulgative projects on web, realized over the past times  by the Lazio Region, by  ARP (Regional Agency of Protected Areas in the Latium) and by individual AA.NN.PP., environmental information is still missed and not always easily accessible by the user. 
Moreover Lazio tour operators rarely are able to provide comprehensive information about accommodation with environment services for the “green” tourist.
In this context the Life Go Park project has decided to focus on the relationship between man and nature. The direct experience in touch with nature is the best way to increase the level of attention and sensitivity about the protection of the biodiversity and about the environmental conservation.
This process of citizens awareness is not only based on knowledge, but also on direct experience of visiting and of participating the protected area.  That process could be the key to reduce the gap and to increase in people the attention and sensitivity about environment problem. 
The project LIFE GO PARK is financed by the EC and of Lazio Region and is carried out through the coordination of the Regional Direction – Infrastructures, Environment, and Housing Policies- Area Parks and Natural reservations.
The other partners involved in the Life Go Park project are:

  • Nova Consulting srl;
  • Metafora srl.

The project involves several stakeholders: operators of Natural Protected Areas in the Lazio region; ARP; teachers and students in Lazio schools; citizens, tourists and tour operators active in the region. Each one are necessary to activate a virtuous cycle that should point out the AA.NN.PP. and  their  natural heritage.
The idea behind the Life Go Park is to activate a synergy between all stakeholders in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • To Increase the general knowledge of Natural Protected Areas and Natura 2000 sites of the Lazio region and the awareness about the human impact on biodiversity
  • To Increase the number of visits to the Natural Protected Areas and Natura 2000 sites of the Lazio Region in an eco-responsible way
  • To improve and optimize the Environmental communication of the Regional Natural Protected Areas
  • To promote an eco-responsible tourism,  through the involvement of tour operators and companies located in the region
  • To encourage the inclusion in of issues related to AA.NN.PP. and Natura 2000 sites as well as on human impact on biodiversity.

The project responds to the statement that a greater involvement and greater public awareness towards environmental problems leads to a better preservation of the natural heritage.