01/09/2014-Selection of the Protected Areas that will participate actively in the project Life Go Park

Pubblication data: 
01/09/2014 - 09:15

The Project Life Go Park chose 27 Natural Protected Areas in the Lazio Region to involve them actively in the programs and activities of the project such as the formation of the communication manager   of the parks and the training of teachers and students in schools located near the protected Natural Areas.  Moreover the AANNPP choices can benefit of the project to better disseminate their beauties and their activities to citizens and tourists also through involvement of local and national tour operators.
The AANNPP selected are:
Regional Natural Park Gianola and Monte of Scauri(Park Authority Riviera of Ulisse),
Regional Natural Park Monte Orlando (Ente Parco Riviera di Ulisse),
Regional Natural Park Castelli Romani,
Regional Natural Park Complex Lake Bracciano – Martignano (included Natural Monument Caldara of Manziana),
Regional Natural Park Marturanum,
Regional Natural Park Monti Aurunci,
Regional Natural Park Monti Ausoni e Lago di Fondi,
Regional Natural Park Monti Lucretili,
Regional Natural Park Monti Simbruini,
Regional Natural Park Veio,
Regional Natural Reserve Laghi Lungo e Ripasottile,
Regional Natural Reserve Lago di Vico,
Regional Natural Reserve Macchia di Gattaceca e Macchia del Barco (Managing Body Province Roma),
Regional Natural Reserve Montagne della Duchessa,
Regional Natural Reserve Monte Catillo (Managing Body Province Roma),
Regional Natural Reserve Monte Navegna e Monte Cervia,
Regional Natural Reserve Monte Rufeno,
Regional Natural Reserve Monte Soratte (Managing Body Province Roma),
Regional Natural Reserve Monterano,
Regional Natural Reserve Nazzano, Tevere – Farfa,
Regional Natural Reserve Nomentum (Managing Body Province Roma),
Regional Natural Reserve Selva del Lamone,
Regional Natural Reserve Tor Caldara,
Regional Natural Reserve Villa Borghese di Nettuno (Managing Body Province Roma),
Natural Monument Grotte di Falvaterra e Rio Obaco,
Natural Monument Palude di Torre Flavia (Managing Body Province Roma),
Natural Monument Villa di Tiberio e Costa Torre Capovento - Punta Cetarola (Park Authority Riviera of Ulisse).